CommuniCare is a program designed to help you build wonderful "golden bridges", as it explores the communication universe in a deep and professional way.

Although "communication" is a word on everyone's lips, communication difficulties are as intense or perhaps even more serious than ever. They are reflected in the economic and social problems of the contemporary world, in concealed or unconcealed conflict at work, in the unethical forms of PR and marketing, in the number of divorces or unhappy families, in the absence of true friendship and a sense of solitude, in the multitude of conflicts of various types.

It is not enough to read a book or take a course of communication, although it is helpful. A simple teambuilding does not resolve what needs to be addressed…


Communication techniques that you can study are very useful but at some point, they seem not being able to help you make further progress.

The reason is simple: communication is a product of our mind and not a dimension of its own. The psychological dimension in communication is more important than anything.

  CommuniCare is a complex program that comes to offer you everything you need to solve a variety of problems, whether of business or personal nature.

  CommuniCare includes:

1. Training: fundamentals of communication, persuasive communication (2 levels), training & management of teams, conflict management, intra- and extra-organizational communication, relationship management. And others!

2. Coaching: for individual and teams

3. Counseling for personal communication

4. Consultancy for organizations

5. Mentoring for information officers

All our collaborators in this program have extensive experience in the field and, together, the chance to get real results and transformations is a much bigger one.


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