Business & Life Coaching

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ISC - a comprehensive coaching model that integrates the basic principles of NLP - is very powerful and creative, allowing us to elegantly work at both conscious and subconscious levels, obtaining excellent results, with maximum of pleasure and involvement from the client.


We associate coaching with one or more of the major desires of the human being:

- Evolution of consciousness – self -understanding, self-awareness and overcoming limits
- Achieving performance in a specific context
- Defining and achieving the level of individual excellence.


We offer you highly effective coaching programs: 


1. BUSINESS COACHING – for executives and employees

2. LIFE COACHING - for individuals and couples


In Romania we are among the highly respected coaching companies, founders of the Romanian Coaching Society. Our coaching perspective is based on our formal training background - we have access to latest information in the field of coaching psychology.


Either you choose peer to peer or online coaching, your very good results are guaranteed.


Who are our clients?...


  • People who have success and happiness as a hobby.
  • Those passionate about the competence and professionalism.
  • Those who want solutions, not problems.
  • Those who are not satisfied with less than they have proposed to have.
  • Those who are aware of how important it is to learn and then, in turn, teach others also.
  • Those who believe that intelligence, of thoughts or of emotions, is a factor that shapes our world.
  • Those determined to create something important and valuable and to shape their lives so to inspire others too.

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